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Oct 12th 2014
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I’ve WON !!



soarer bid

Base canvas ready, there’s only few bits left:

  • throw auto gearbox out, take one from bimmer instead, plus some semi home-made one plate clutch
  • blew interior up, put some more comfy bucket seats ;-), tie my ass with some 4 or 6 point proper harness
  • replace ugly and useless panel with zylion of fancy gauges
  • kill the diff… i mean melt that bastard with burning hot weld lava
  • stop and cool down a bit with some more pots on the plates…. supra or IS400 should do the trick
  • fit some grids from rota, widen her hips and make more flexible, that she can have right camber for good handling 😉
  • last but not least, make the engine shine!

and it will rock 😉

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how it looks, what’s important it’s the heart…

and the heart is ……. 1JZ !


Just kidding, engine looks like that for now
Meanwhile, here she is, just dropped off the tow car




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